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Check out our Comprehensive Medical Coding, Billing programs !      Medical Record Auditing with Comprehensive ICD-10 Training. Excellent opportunity for Certified Coders and Billers !     Programs are taught by AAPC/AHIMA/ARHCP certified coders with industry-critical credentials !

Why Medesun


  • We don't advertise on television or in magazines.
  • Internet is the only medium we use for advertisement. The target market is large educated people with computers and the know-how to use them, often with home offices.
  • Unlike other training companies, we maintain a low overhead.
  • We don't HIRE seasonal trainers/coders. We don't appoint any resellers.
  • Our training model has been proven effective through successfully training thousands of students.
  • We don't buy the course from others and reverse engineer. Medesun owners are Certified coders/billers with ten years of teaching experience.

We Make no Apologies. Our Training is effective and affordable.

Our goal is not just to get you Trained, but also to get you Certified and Working.

Medesun provides everything you need to get trained and start working in the high-paying medical profession.

It's important to note that many companies hire people without coding (or billing) experience and then train in an orientation way after hiring. Those with medical terminology and coding training beforehand have the best shot at getting hired by companies such as these.

Certificate of Training from us in addition to the quality of your resume would be sufficient to secure positions such as these. Our program is also ideally suited to those who simply need to enlarge upon their education and resume, or to move into a different position in a company they already work for which requires coding expertise.

Our training programs comes with RMC Certification. RMC Certification will help you to get good Job.